The energy transition calls for advanced energy systems that combine sustainability and effectiveness, at a local or regional level where possible. We consider complete energy systems, building on our broad experience with systems engineering and multidisciplinary project management. In this way, we develop efficient solutions that can cover the entire energy chain, from generation and storage to conversion and consumption.

decentralized solutions for the energy transition.

An important trend in the energy transition is decentralization of energy generation and storage. We respond to this by developing decentralized solutions for efficient and sustainable energy systems. Our innovations include mid-scale electrolyzers for producing hydrogen by using green power (generated by wind or sun), production technology for batteries with enhanced storage capacity, and thermal batteries for storage of excess industrial heat. We also investigate direct air capture, to ‘trap’ greenhouse gas carbon dioxide in useful products such as methanol or carbon (for battery electrodes, for example).

“we develop own products and engage in open innovation.”

In the new energy market, we apply our broad expertise in mechatronics, multi-physics, chemistry, process technology and manufacturability. We develop our own products and engage in open innovation with established companies as well as start-ups. While they specialize in their core technology, we design all supporting processes and equipment. In addition, our research into direct air capture may open up a global market for carbon capture systems.


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