Humans cannot live without water, but must also protect themselves against it. The sea level is rising and clean (drinking) water threatens to become scarce. We develop monitoring and (autonomous) inspection platforms and systems to support water resource management for drinking water supply and industrial applications. For this, we rely on our expertise in mechatronics, sensors, analysis and intelligent control technology.

water resource management

intelligent water management solutions.

The challenges in the world of water resource management are enormous. The (drinking) water supply is affected by drought, pollution and inadequate maintenance; this requires intelligent water management solutions. We develop inspection and monitoring systems that can operate autonomously and/or unmanned, even in difficult-to-access water pipelines. For this purpose, we build robust hardware, intelligent operating systems, complete sensor networks and smart data-analysis algorithms.

we help people live safely and healthily with water. ”

“we help to improve water quality and reduce water spillage.”

Water safety is of increasing societal and industrial importance. The strain on drinking water systems is rising due to the increasing urbanization, climate change, dried out or polluted water sources, and ageing infrastructure. In industry, clean water is critical for cooling and other process applications. We develop innovative sensor technology for monitoring and ultimately improving water quality. Inspection systems can, for example, detect a leakage, blockage or pollution, enabling a fast and effective response and contributing to water savings.


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