Product development

experience base.

We apply our profound expertise and competence in the field of fluid engineering to develop and realize custom made systems centered around flow handling. Our experience ranges from industrial quality control systems that are used in a production environment to sophisticated microfluidic applications such as micro dozing, droplet generation and custom (chip) cleaning systems.

Convergence is part of the Demcon group, a high-end technology provider that has been active in the market since 1993. Through the Demcon group, we have access to more than a thousand well-qualified engineers with extensive specialist knowledge from a variety of technical fields that we can bring in if needed. Together we can take on the toughest technical challenges.

development process.

Demcon convergence uses the V-shaped stage-gate model to plan and control the custom made systems. This is a renowned model which supports all the phases of product development.

The left side of the “V” represents the decomposition of the client and system requirements, its translation into an overall system architecture and its subsequent detailed engineering.

The right side of the “V” represents the realization of the system via integration and testing of all aspects into the final solution, followed by verification and validations against the agreed requirements.

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