About Demcon convergence

experts in precision fluid control.

As an engineering firm we have specialized in precision fluid handling & control. We maintain a portfolio of custom engineered membrane test systems. Moreover, we deploy the experience and knowhow that have accumulated over the years to develop bespoke solutions for the toughest fluid challenges. Our track record originates from precision fluid control centered around membrane processes and has expanded into projects for life science, energy, semicon and the water industry. Examples are industrial quality testers, research tools and production pilots. Where accurate control of liquids and gases is required, Demcon convergence is your one-stop shop.

As part of the Demcon group, we can draw on the high-end expertise and broad experience of scientists, technical specialists and experienced engineers in a wide variety of disciplines. Together we make the difference.

Our story

growing in precision fluid control.

Demcon convergence was founded in 2010 as a spin-off from the University of Twente, the Netherlands, by Felix Broens. Broens delivered the first automatic membrane inspector system to the University of Twente, department of Matthias Wesseling. Many universities, research institutes and corporates followed over the years. The company originally specialized in lab and pilot scale membrane test systems and maintains a portfolio of products for most prevailing types of membrane applications. The acquired skills in fluid control have subsequently been employed in a variety of markets. After years of steady growth and projects around the world, the company joined the successful Demcon group to extend its offering and embarked on a new chapter of growth in the company’s history.


we solve our customer’s fluid problem.

We aim to become a worldwide recognized expert in the development and realization of custom precision fluid handling systems.

Demcon convergence

meet our team.

Edwin Gerritsen Portret Edwin Gerritsen

Managing director

Felix Broens

Chief technology officer

Hossein Alinia

Technical application specialist

Pieter de Goeje

Software engineer

Wim Hoffer

Project manager

a Demcon group company.

As part of the Demcon group, we provide a wide range of competencies for new system development. We extend our broad expertise of complex fluid systems engineering with specialized disciplines such as mechatronics, physics, computational fluid dynamics, optics and electronics. In addition, we can offer industrialization and manufacturing & assembly capabilities for volume production. Acting as the main contractor in large projects, we collaborate with customers, Demcon group members, knowledge partners and technology suppliers. With the help of our sophisticated quality system and in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, we supply high-quality and safe products. In medical product development, we comply with ISO 13485:2016 and for occupational health and safety management, we adhere to the ISO 45001 standard.