The Demcon convergence Electrodialysis (ED) system is an ideal solution for Research and Development or Quality Control of Electrodialysis processes and ion-exchange membranes.

The system includes fully programmable software that allows the user to automatically program different experiments, for example: voltage stepping, constant current experiment, trigger automatic reversal procedures, and more. The system allows you to attach different types of ED test cells, making it extremely flexible.


fully customizable.

The system is fully customizable and can be designed to support polarity reversal, various flowrates, implementing different sensors like pH or conductivity, harsh chemical resistance, multiple feed and electrolyte lines, different configurations of ED, etc.

Example systems:
– Pilot-scale ED system with reversal for lithium extraction
– Multi-stack systems with feed&bleed
– Lab-scale ED system for desalination
– Reverse ED for energy production

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