gas separation & permeation.

Demcon convergence has more than 10 years’ experience in designing gas separation and permeation systems on a lab and pilot scale. These systems are designed to automatically characterize the properties and evaluate the performance of gas separation membranes.

The user-friendly software interface which comes with the system offers a high level of automation. The system allows the user to automatically mix different gases with an exact composition to create their own customized feed gas and perform experiments at user defined flowrates, pressures and temperatures.

customized systems.

The system is highly customizable and can be designed to support operation at high pressures and temperatures, ATEX certified, the introduction of vapors through controlled evaporation and mixing, implementing different sensor options such as dew point detectors and automated gas chromatography for chemical composition measurement.

Demcon convergence has built more than 50 customized systems over the last 13 years. Some examples:

  • Mixed gas separation systems for pressures up to 70 bar
  • Automatic quality control systems with multiple cells and GC composition analysis that measure the permeability and selectivity
  • Ultra low-permeability systems that measure permeation via a vacuum system
  • Time-lag method systems to measure solution-diffusion properties of pure gases
  • Gas permeation systems for testing full 4” elements for aerospace applications

We also offers rental gas permeation and separation systems.

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