microfiltration & ultrafiltration.

The Demcon convergence Microfiltration (MF) and Ultrafiltration (UF) lab-scale and pilot systems are ideal for quick studies regarding the performance of different types of membranes. With the system, the user can perform permeability, retention, aging, fouling, cleaning and backwash studies.

system specifications.

The user-friendly software interface records flows, temperatures, pressures and other implemented sensors. It also allows the creation of individual test scripts. Whether you want to perform simple filtration tests with several different pressure steps, over-night experiments, flux stepping or simulate real-life operating conditions with cleaning and backwashing steps, the software allows you to build and automate your own experiments.

Our systems are custom-made based on your user requirements to accommodate the needs of your project. For example, they can be designed to support different sensors, feed lines, multiple parallel or series membranes and various flow/pressure range. The flexibility of the system allows you to utilize different membranes in various configurations.


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