working with our systems without the investment.

As a manufacturer of high-quality lab-scale and pilot-scale membrane systems, we understand that investing in a system may not always be feasible for every research project or budget. Which is why we offer our customers the option to rent our systems, allowing them to use automated membrane testing equipment, without the high investment costs upfront.

Benefits of renting a system

  • Access to state-of-the-art technology: our systems are designed with accurate components to ensure high-quality results in your experiments and testing.
  • Cost-effectiveness: renting our systems is an affordable alternative to purchasing a system, allowing you to stay within budget while still accessing the technology you need.
  • Flexibility: our rental programs are flexible, allowing you to rent a system for the period of your project (minimum one month) without any long-term commitment.

designed to help.

Our rental testing equipment is designed to help researchers in various industries conduct short-term experiments. Our lab-scale systems are easy to use and versatile, enabling you to obtain accurate and reliable results with ease.

our rental systems.

System name Application Flow-range Pressure rating Features
1801502CON MF/UF/NF 10 – 40 L/h 0.3 – 5.5 barg Automated backwash
2000104CON MF/UF/NF 40 – 200 L/h
20 – 100 L/h
0.3 – 4 barg
0.3 – 5.5 barg
Automated backwash
In-line cleaning
1904303CON UF/NF 5 – 45 L/h Up to 16 barg Up to 16 barg
1801206CON UF/NF/RO 100 – 400 L/h Up to 69 barg Automated backwash
In-line cleaning
2200300CON Forward osmosis 100 – 1000 mL/h
1901901LEP Liquid entry pressure 1-5 barg
1302801CON Fouling simulator 1 – 6 L/h

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