ultrafiltration pilot for 3 membranes in parallel, with heating and cooling bath.

Berghoff is the leading manufacturer of tubular membranes for the filtration and separation of process streams and wastewater in various industries. In the research and development of tubular membranes, testing equipment is required. The previous setup was manually controlled and could only conduct research on one membrane at a time. The goal was to implement a fully automated system capable of conducting research with two or three membranes simultaneously.

Employing a fully automated system saves a significant amount of time, and the research conducted is consistent each time. This ensures that results can be compared, irrespective of the operator handling the research. With a fully automated system, consistent parameters are maintained throughout the operation.

no more manual intervention.

Demcon convergence has designed a fully automated pilot-scale ultrafiltration system, equipped with three membranes operating in parallel. This system is revolutionizing the field with its comprehensive automation, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. The system excels in regulating the trans-membrane pressure, crossflow velocity, and permeate flow, enabling precise control over the filtration process.

With a capacity of 2800 L/h feed flow and the capability to control pressures up to 8 bar(g), the system is engineered to tackle even the most challenging filtration tasks. Additionally, the system incorporates an automatic backwash feature, eliminating the need for manual intervention. Integrated automatic valves are also included for sample collection, pH monitoring, and heating control.

The system can seamlessly switch between two vessels to conduct research with different media and is equipped with a tap water connection to facilitate automatic flushing between experiments.
protocols and change control procedures have all been developed and adjusted in close collaboration with DENSsolutions.